personal brandingWith the rise of social media and the ability to tell our story to a mass audience, personal brand matters now more than ever.  The way we present ourselves to the world, which we used to call reputation, is now our personal brand.  Whether you like it or not, we are all our own brand and the quicker you accept that fact, the quicker you will find success.  When it comes to building a brand, there is one really important distinction that you must understand.  You must understand the difference between width and depth in relation to building your own personal brand.  Does one matter more than the other?  I believe so and let me explain why.

Personal Brand -Width

When I refer to width in relation to branding, I am talking about the size of your audience, followers, circle, etc.  Most people try to reach as many people as possible and believe that by doing so, they are increasing the value of their personal brand.  These people strive for that elusive number of followers or subscribers. They look for ways to manipulate the system with hacks, tools, or inauthentic content in hopes of reaching a wide base of people.  Yes, this is a strategy that many follower and it may work for some.  However, for lasting legacy and increasing your value as a person and brand, I believe there is a better way

Personal Brand -Depth

I do not care how wide my following is; what I do care about is how deep it is.  I would rather have 100 people following me and engaging with me on a frequent basis because I am helping them by providing value instead of 100,000 people liking a page or a photo with no real interaction. See I believe in legacy and by engaging with people on a deeper level, we create legacy. My passion is helping others see the greatness they have inside.  I would rather spend my time helping 10 people find that greatness through the value of my brand content than have a bunch of people watch, read or listen, but never know if I helped.  Depth is where it is.  Deep friendships, deep relationship, deep meaning.  That is how you build a legacy.

We all need to understand that everything we do is creating our legacy.  Every action we take, every post we make, they are all telling our personal brand’s story.  If you are not paying attention to the story you are telling, you may not like how the story ends.


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