Hacking Life: Speed Listening

Here is another hack in my series of hacks.  Speed listening.  As a personal development junkie, I listen to so many podcasts and audio books each week.  When I say many, I mean hours upon hours.  In that time, I want to absorb as much information as possible.  When I first started listening to audio books and podcasts, I realized that some authors and speakers took a LONG time to say what they wanted to say and I felt like I was wasting my time.  Then I discovered speed listenign.

Speed listening is rather simple and only takes about a week to get used to.  When listening to any audio program on my iphone, I listen in the 1.5x speed mode.  Most smartphones have this sitting and on the iPhone, it is right below the volume bar on the screen.  Now, the first time you listen in 1.5x speed, you may get overwhelmed and find it hard to follow.  But trust me, keep pressing on.  Your brain actually has the capacity to listen to language a lot faster than we speak it, it just need time to adapt.  After about a week or two of listening in 1.5x speed, you will be a professional (well semi-professional) speed listener.  In fact, when I now listen to things in regular speed, I feel that the speaker is speaking way too slow.  My brain has been trained to listen faster than people speak.

But in the end, speed listening has allowed me to absorb and listen to so much more content on a daily basis.  I haven’t felt that the speed has impacted my ability to really take in the knowledge.  It has actually helped me take in and absorb more things on a daily basis from what I hear.  So, if you are looking to gain as much knowledge from audiobooks and podcasts as quick as possible, give speed listening a try.

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