Hacking Life:  Work the Body/Feed the Brain

For the last installment of my hacking life series let’s discuss something I started doing in law school.  I call this work the body, feed the brain.  But what it really is is reading while doing cardio.  I started this because
my course load was so extreme that I found myself reading all of the time.  However, I still needed to workout and cardio was something I made sure I did at least 5 days a week.  At the time I figured I would kill 2 birds with one stone and this became my favorite life hack of all time.  So, I would grab a book, hop on the stepper or bike, and read away.

Now, this hack caused 2 things to happen.  First, it made me work out longer because I was occupied with reading.  My 30 minute workouts turned to 45 to 60 minute ones.  Second, I realized that what I read while working out I retained so much better than reading anywhere else.  Because working out activates the brain, my focus was on point and distractions were limited.

Now some of you may think that I am crazy or there is no way you can do that.  Or maybe you just want to listen to music while working out.  Either way, that is your choice.  But for those of you out there that are avid readers, fitness enthusiasts, but feel pressed for time.  Try this hack.  Although it may sound simple, it has helped me read 2 books a week and retain the information like nothing else.  Because working out is a habit, adding reading to it has created the second habit and has freed up so much time for me in my life and it is something I continue to do to this day!

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