Dear Past and Future

Dear Past,

Thank you for the lessons.  You have taught me many things over the years.  I have learned that you only matter when we learn from you.  Dwelling on the mistakes we have made serves no purpose other than to educate us.  Boy have I been educated.  From losing money to making countless errors in judgment, you have certainly been quite the adversary.  However,  I am wiser and stronger because of you.    I am ready to face what lies ahead.

Dear Future,

I am coming for you.  I am ready for what you have in store.  My body and mind have been tested by your sibling.  Yet, I wake each day with a sense of purpose and a passion for that I am doing.  You are no match for what I am going to bring.  I know the saying goes “the future’s so bright, you got to wear shades” but I am telling that “I am so bright, you better way shades.”



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