3 Tips To Increase Confidence

confidence tipsEveryone wants to increase confidence.  Confidence is a powerful tool in business and in life and when you have more of it, things get a lot easier.  I haven’t always been as confident as I am today.  In fact, I lacked confidence growing up.  But over time, I built more and more confidence in myself.  During that journey, I learned a few tips to help increase confidence quickly.  Today, I am going to share with you 3 of those tips to help you increase your confidence.

But first, understand this…

Experience builds confidence more than anything else.  The more you learn, expand, grow, try, fail and try again, the greater your confidence increases.  Like I said, I wasn’t always confident.  However, I always took chances and attempted new things.  This helped me gain experience in many different areas of business and life.  The more experience I gained, the more confident I became.  So if you are still young and new to the game, trust me that the more experience you get, the more confidence you grow.  So go out there and take risks in life and build that experience. Assuming you understand this, let’s talk about my 3 tips to increase confidence quickly.

Confidence Tip #1 – Appearance Matters

How do you feel when you have on a new suit or a new outfit?  Or when you are freshly shaven, clean and put together?  You feel great right?  I know I do.  The way we present ourselves to the world directly impacts how confident we feel about ourselves.  So to increase confidence quickly, dress the part.

Make sure you are well groomed, well dressed, and energetic.  The better you look, the better you feel.  The better you feel, the more confident you are.  It is a pretty simple equation.  Take pride in the way you look and dress because, unfortunately, appearance does and always will matter.

In addition to the way you dress and groom, the way you carry yourself can greatly increase your confidence.  Think about when you are standing around slouched over, how do you feel?  Not very confident I am sure.  But when you stand up straight, shoulders broad, chest and chin up, you feel different.  You feel powerful and in charge.  By changing the way you position and carry your body, you can quickly and dramatically increase your confidence in any situation.

Confidence Tip #2 – Organize Your Mind

A cluttered mind kills confidence.  When our minds are disorganized and cluttered with crap, it is very difficult to be confident in our abilities.  Mental clutter causes anxiety and stress in most people.  When you are anxious and stressed, you cannot be as confident as you can.  Therefore, you must clear your mind to increase confidence.

The first things you can do to quickly do this is keep a running to do list.  I keep a journal with me at all times (actually quite a few) and when something comes up in my head, I write it down.  I do not let things clutter my mind.  When I do feel that disorganization is impacting my confidence, I just take a few minutes to do a brain dump and get everything out of my head and on to paper.  The moment I do this I can feel my confidence increase substantially.  The clearer my mind, the more confident I am.

Confidence Tip #3 – Stop Giving a $hit

To put it simply, stop giving a shit about what people think.  The biggest confidence killer is our anticipation of the opinion of others.  Guess what?  Those opinions don’t matter so stop worrying about them.  Life is too short to care what others think of you.  Most people are so ego-centric that they are not spending any time thinking about you, so why worry about them.  Live your life for you, not for others.  Be yourself, be bold, and stop giving a shit about what the crowd thinks of you.  It is your life to live so live it.  This is the quickest way to increase confidence.  The moment you get this fact you will change your life.

So there you have it.  If you want to increase confidence quickly, just implement these 3 tips into your life and watch your confidence soar.  If you are looking for other ways to increase confidence and build the life you want, let’s talk.  I am taking new clients for my coaching services, so if you are interested, contact me here.



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