My 2 Favorite Supplements To Increase Focus

brain suplementsStaying focused in our fast-paced poses a challenge for most people, me included.  To help maintain focus, I have found a couple supplements that have really helped me.  Before I get to those, please understand that I am not a doctor and I am not recommended these supplements; I am merely discussing how they have helped me increase focus on days I need to.  Please always speak to your doctor or medical professional before taking any supplements. Now that the lawyer in me has spoken, let’s get to the good stuff.

Supplement #1 To Increase Focus – Mushroom Coffee

Yes, you read that correctly.  Mushroom coffee.  I use a particular brand of mushroom coffee made by Four Sigmatic, which I have found produces the best mushroom coffee out there.  The particular one I use contain Lion’s Mane and chaga mushrooms. On the Four Sigmatic website, it states that both mushrooms have cognitive enhancing properties and have been used for centuries for such purpose.  On top of the research, I can tell you that I definitely feel the benefit when I drink the coffee and I only use a half packet.  I make the coffee by adding a half packet to an already brewed cup of coffee to get a little more caffeine and the cognitive benefits of the mushrooms. The coffee itself tastes great, but I enjoy mixing it with already brewed coffee to enhance the flavor.

From a benefit perspective, I feel more focused and sharp about 30-45 minutes after I drink it.  I don’t use it everyday, just on days where I feel I need an extra jolt of focus in the morning.  Another benefit I get is a clear mind.  We all have those days in which on head seems foggy.  Maybe we slept a little too long, maybe we didn’t sleep enough.  Either way, you know what I mean.  I have found that Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee helps eliminate the brain fog quickly.

Supplement #2 To Increase Focus – Bacopa

Bacopa monnieri, or Bacopa for short,  is a medicine made from the herb Bacopa monnieri.  I have been taking this supplement for quite a long time after I read a few studies on the benefits of it.  Studies have shown it can improve thinking skills and memory, both in healthy people and in elderly people suffering from a decline in brain function.  However, studies note that only repeated use of Bacopa has been shown to have this effect.

It is recommended to take round 300mg a day, which is what I take exactly, and to take for a longer period of time as it can take 4-6 weeks to notice any results.  I have found that, over time, my thinking and short time memory have improved.  This is not to say that they were terrible to begin with, but I have definitely noticed a difference.

Now, although I find a lot of benefit from these supplements, you may not.  Finding the right supplements to help increase focus is a game of trial and error.  I have tried quite a few supplements in my time and a long list of ones that work and an even longer lit of ones that don’t.  I can say that the 2 supplements above have absolutely worked for me and I notice a substantial benefit in taking them.




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