2018 Is Here, Time To Get Uncomfortable

outside of your comfort zoneHappy New Year!  We have embarked on 2018 and are ready to go out and crush our goals, right?  Well to do this, we must get uncomfortable.  This is how you achieve anything worth achieving in life.  You must get out of your comfort zone and make things happen.  Life is too short to be comfortable.  I urge you to make 2018 the year you challenge yourself, push yourself, and become who you want to be.  I hope that I can inspire you along the way to be great and I want to briefly talk about ways to start making yourself uncomfortable.  But before we do that, let me give you an example of why being comfortable accomplished nothing.

Comfort Does Not Lead To Results, Being Uncomfortable Does

As I reflected on 2017 and all the goals I set for myself, I realized a lot.  First, I realized that everything I accomplished this past year that I consider a success came directly from me being outside of my comfort zone.  In 2017, I took risks, tried new things, challenged myself, and took on projects completely outside of my expertise.   All of these things were successful because I was uncomfortable.  However, one area of my life was not successful and I know why.

At the beginning of the year, I set a fitness goal for myself to get into the best shape of my life because I was turning 40.  As it stands today, I am in the same shape as I was at the beginning of 2017 (actually maybe a little worse shape) all because I played it safe all year.  I was comfortable. In the gym, I didn’t push myself past my limits; I just did the task.  When I came to my diet, I ate healthy enough to justify it in my head; I never pushed myself to make better choices.  When I didn’t feel like cooking, I would just order crappy food.  At business meetings, I didn’t take the time to order something healthy; I just ate what sounded good.  I basically shit the bed.

As you can see, I was comfortable all year and it prevented me from accomplishing my goal.  Just think if I was comfortable in all areas?  Life would be not what it is today.  I am fortunate enough to understand the concept of being uncomfortable and apply it in most areas, but a lot of people are not as fortunate.  They go through life living in comfort and not achieving what they desire.  So I want to tell you how to change this.

Being Uncomfortable Starts With A Choice

First and foremost, you must decide to be uncomfortable.   This decisions is imperative because unwillingly being uncomfortable will cause you to retreat to comfort quickly.  Understand that the life you want is just outside your comfort zone and to get it, you must be uncomfortable.  Once you make that decision, the first step, the rest is easy.

I say easy because I do not want you to go and make everything in your life uncomfortable.  Just pick one area to start.  Maybe you can push yourself a little harder in the gym.  Or you can speak up more in meetings.  Maybe you can go to a networking event and talk to random people.  Whatever it is that you know you could be doing but don’t, do it.  Get uncomfortable in one area and watch what happens in all other areas.  Your life will begin to change in ways you can’t imagine.

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