Who Is Rocco Cozza

An entrepreneur that happens to practice law, Rocco has a diverse background that mystifies many.  Over the years, Rocco has founded or partnered in 12 different companies, some successful, some not so much.  Despite the failures, the learning lessons have proven to be priceless.  Rocco has taken the lesson learned, the expertise built and his keen intuition to help others achieve the success they desire.

Rocco motivates and inspires others through his speaking, coaching, the “It’s Work Podcast,” videos and writings.  Rocco lives by the philosophy of being authentic, vulnerable and passionate.  Own your weaknesses, build your strengths and live life with passion!

What Clients Say

I began working with Rocco to help with a specific business issue but as we worked together, his insights and instincts found so many things I could be doing differently in my business.  By implementing what he found, I grew my business substantially and now feel that I run a more efficient ship.  Blown away by what he does.

JasonStart-up Founder

I have recently just got to know Rocco and I'm looking forward to working and getting to know him better each and everyday! He has such an enthusiastic personality and makes me want to grow and reach my goals. As a recent college graduate, this is the kind of support I need when it comes to the working field. I am looking forward to the future with Rocco!

MaddieRecent Graduate

It has been an extreme pleasure to work with Rocco.  Rocco helped me to realize I am “in my head??? too much. I over analyze, want perfection, and come to a COMPLETE halt if I am not satisfied with the results. He helped me conquer my fears by simply doing and “jumping head first??? into my personal tasks for growth and development. Remember, your worst effort might be someone’s best, so just put yourself out there!

VanessaPresident and CEO

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